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Brisbane Curtains and Fabric

Brisbane Curtains and Fabric

Brisbane Curtains and FabricBrisbane Curtains and Fabric

Our Sheers

Organic Sheers


Very on trend is the organic mixture of linen, cotton and polyester in you sheers to give them that natural, textured look, works well in most of your rooms. Sheers give you that light airy feeling in your home

White full Sheers


We are using these sheers in the place of curtains and they can be put on a front track and have a lining on the back track, this allows you to have them open or closed with the lining, These interior fabrics - sheer fabric are in store to look at

Blue Fade Curtains


There are quite a few of these on the market and they come in many colours, The colour is usually on the bottom and they fade to light as they go up. Wonderful way to add colour to your home and still be light and airy

Industrial Sheers


Love the look of the hard bricks with the soft sheers, they give the space some contrast and still let a lot of light into the room. You could chage this up with lighter bricks and darker sheers - the choice is yours

Bedroom Sheers


Creams and browns are in for the 2017s and are softening the starker white and grey, these sheers look lovely and restful in this bedroom - for sleep at night you can always fit blockout roller blinds behind them

Multi Sheers


Love the romantic, soft, light and airy feel of this space, It just invites you in and the colours can be as varied as you want. Makes a great lounge and you can fit block out blinds behind for more privacy at night