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The Ivory Tower - fabric & wallpaper

Brisbane Curtains and Fabric

Brisbane Curtains and Fabric

Brisbane Curtains and FabricBrisbane Curtains and Fabric

Our Seats - Outdoor & In

Set in Strairs Seats


This is the coolest seat I have done, its set into the stairs so gives you extra seating.  You can cut the price of your seating by choosing a less exprensive fabric, We have a huge range of fabrics in the lower price range

Decorative Seat


The seating sets off this lovely wrought iron seat to perfection. The foams are generally 8cm thick with a Dacron cover to give it that rich plush look of cushioned seats, they are very comfortable to sit on

Bay Seat


A bay seat would look empty without the plush seat to finish it off. You can also dress it with different types of cushions to make it look finished. They are extremely comfortable for sitting or lying on

Shaped Bay Seat


We can match the seat to the shape of the base, this bay seat has bolsters on the ends and a couple of cushions just for those rainy days when you want to put your feet up and read the day away

Bedroom Bay Seat


It sets the bedroom off and if you have storage under so much the better  - I love bay seats and they are such space savers, you don't need a chair in your bedroom with one of these lovely spaces

Outdoor Seats and Cushions


We have a large range of outdoor fabrics for these seats and cushions, we make the seat insets for the outdoor chairs and lounges, if its going out in the sun you really need the outdoor sponges