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Brisbane Curtains and Fabric

Brisbane Curtains and Fabric

Brisbane Curtains and FabricBrisbane Curtains and Fabric

Our Roman Blinds

Plain and Simple Roman Blinds


Busy opaque windows require a simple look to balance the room.  This is a soft, serene space even with 3 Roman Blinds in a row. Don't always go for the biggest, brightest and loudest thinking you are getting your moneys worth

Fun Striped Roman Blinds


Stripes look great on Roman Blinds, for adult or children's rooms and being space savers keep out of the way. They are very good at keeping the heat out in Summer and the cold out in Winter, these look very playful

Soft Bedroom Roman Blinds


What a lovely look for a bedroom with limited space, these are not only space savers but also add a touch of soft colour to the decor of the room, our Roman Blinds last for years if you look after them

Patterned Roman Blinds


Hard to believe this is 2 roman blinds side by side, Patterns can add a wonderful design tool to your space and these blinds are still so functional, the don't require as much fabric as curtains so you can go a little wild

Ginger Jars Roman Blinds


Yes we do make the best Roman Blinds in Brisbane, the Roman a freshness in this room and the beautiful pattern is displayed in full. With roman blinds you can choose the loveliest fabrics and see the whole pattern

Classic Chic Roman Blinds


This is a sumptuous room and looks very high end, but again simple Roman Blinds in a different pattern style and colour bring this look together. You don't have to spend a fortune on fabric to make it look good