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Brisbane Curtains and Fabric

Brisbane Curtains and Fabric

Brisbane Curtains and FabricBrisbane Curtains and Fabric

Our Cushions

Cordroy Cusions


This colour pops, the fabric is a soft large corduroy and by sewing an edge on the side of the cushion it looks like bobbles. They can be used in any room and on chairs, couches or beds and look good for years

Central Patterned Cushions


You can make the pattern of the fabric appear as a central design, this allows the cushions to look like a work of art. You don't need much fabric for a cushion so can afford to splash out

Ginger Jar Cushions


This fabric is no longer available but the designs in our shop are fantastic, these are teamed with a deep velvet to give them and extra lux feel, they are one of the cheapest of design tools to work with 

Cushions for a Window Seat


This is how you fill your bay seat, rich, modern clusters of cushions, we have them and if not we will make them for you. Don't waste that lovely space with empty air - put your textures and colour there to added impact

Classic Modern Cushions


This is a lounge with cushions of the same colour - but the colour is broken with a complementary cord. It defines the cushion from the background and still uses the same shades of colour - modern or classic it works

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Again another bay window filled with rich, plump cushions to your eyes to feast on. It adds such a depth to a plain seat with a soft colour palette, these Designer Cushions are just right for your bedroom