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Brisbane Curtains and Fabric

Brisbane Curtains and Fabric

Brisbane Curtains and FabricBrisbane Curtains and Fabric

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On Trend Curtains


These fabrics capture the rawness of nature embracing the misty stillness of forest landscapes and a desire to connect with the outdoors.  Make fantastic curtains with darker wooden floors, it looks natural

Harlequin Curtains


This would be the best of the fabrics to make into curtains - yes it is expensive but also would last for years and still look great, if you choose a neutral fabric you can add different accent colours as the years to by

Curtains with Style


Curtains like these give a room a warmth and richness that can't be beaten, if you are trying to upmarket your space and still use the curtains for warmth in the winter and keep the heat out in summer this is it

Soft Coloured Curtains


This would take a leap of faith for most people but colour is your friend, This fabric brand is for designer curtains and fabrics and you can buy them from our Fabric Stores online or in Store

Calming and Serene Curtains


This is what you call understated style, these curtains lend a lovely backdrop of serene calm in this wonderful space, no clutter just clean straight lines and plain colours without the busy pattern s

Natural Organic Curtains


This fabric makes the most beautiful, organic curtains. Don't be fooled by the plain look as they have lovely textures that can add layers to your space all you need to do is accent the colours